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Path to Renew

The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) released information regarding license renewal for School Support Personnel. 

IMPORTANT - The Professional Educator License (PEL) is not the same as the license issued by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation

Pathway A

Anyone who does not hold the LPC/LCPC will need to enter their continuing professional development units (PDs formally CPDUs) into the Educator License Information System (ELIS).  ELIS can be found at ISBE. For anyone who is in this category there have been some changes. 

  • College coursework will earn 15 clock hours for each semester hour (i.e. a three semester-hour course earns 45 clock of professional development) under the new License Renewal System.

  • The license renewal cycle is every five years and the licensee must earn 120 clock hours of continuing professional development units (PDs) during the five year time period.

  • Beginning on July 1, 2014 licensees must begin entering credit for clock hours earned and other information within 60 days of completing the activity.

Pathway B

Licensees holding a Professional Educator License endorsed for School Support Personnel, this includes school counselors, and a current and active professional license issued by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) related to the endorsement area (LPC/LCPC) do not have to complete professional development for renewal of the Professional Educator License.  If you are Licensed Professional Counselor or Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor you do not submit PDs.  The 30 CEs hours you earn every two years fulfills the requirements to maintain your School Support Personnel Endorsement.  ISCA recommends school counselors to pursue licensing through IDFPR as part of their ongoing professional development. Complete ELIS using these instructions:

  • Enter your IDFPR as a line item on your Professional Development page. 
  • Under 'Name', put IDFPR license
  • Under 'Description', put your License #, 
  • Provider is IDFPR, 
  • Hours would be 120 or however many hours you have left to meet your requirements
  • 'Beginning and End dates' MUST be between the START and END dates of the PEL cycle you are CURRENTLY in. For example, if your PEL is currently in 7/1/2019 and 6/30/2024. Your dates MUST be BETWEEN these dates, regardless of the beginning and ending dates of the actual IDFPR license. Otherwise, they will not show up in your account. 
  • See instructions on how to renew your PEL (Type 73) with your LPC/LCPC.

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