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ISCA Race & Equity Committee Presents: “We Are the Change.”

  • Tuesday, December 06, 2022
  • 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM


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ISCA Race & Equity Committee Presents: “We Are the Change.”

The first event in the series is titled, “Meet the Trailblazers." 6 school counselors, who completed the ISCA Race & Equity 3 Day credential completed the "Train the Trainer" full day workshop last summer. Completing this workshop provides the opportunity to bring the Credential back to their school to train staff and to participate as co-presenter for upcoming ISCA Race & Equity Credential training. 

The “Talk” will be a guest panel, with Q&A after the panel discussion. The panel will answer and discuss the following questions in reflection of their journey as TRAILBLAZERS! This is a great opportunity to learn more about the Race & Equity Credential and the amazing benefits of participating in this life and career changing experience.

  • How did the training impact you?

  • How have you put the training into practice at your school?

  • Successes & Challenges (e.g., barriers with implementation, etc.)

  • Ideas for next steps for you and this work

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