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ISCA Race and Equity Credential

History: The ISCA Race and Equity Credential was developed during the 2020-2021 academic year. The concept was initated through the creation of the ISCA Race and Equity Steering Committee. Kirsten Perry, ISCA President (2020-2021) provided the vision and gathered a team of thought leaders to develop the concept of an ISCA Race and Equity Credential. As a result of the Committee's work, Sankofa Consulting was contracted to develop the 3 day training. The first pilot training of the full credential occurred in April 2021. Since then, the ISCA Race and Equity Credential has been offered 2 times each academic year. In the Summer of 2022, 9-ISCA members having completed the ISCA Race and Equity Credential participated in full day Train the Trainer workshop with Alex Hill-Sankofa Consulting. 

Day 1-Unlearning Racism

  • Set norms to guide conversation over the next three days
  • Explore the ways in which intersectionality impacts a person’s lived
  • experience
  • Discuss the ways in which race and racism have impacted American history
  • Analyze the intersection between capitalism and racism
  • Identify the ways in which racism has been codified into American law
  • Describe the ways in which whiteness has been normed as “American”
  • Differentiate between dominant and counter narratives
  • Discuss modern implications of historical racism
  • Identify ways in which POC have exhibited resilience to oppression

Day 2-Examining Whiteness

  • Examine the shifting nature of racism
  • Explore microaggressions
  • Discuss unconscious bias and ways to mitigate it by raising our racial consciousness
  • Describe color blindness
  • Practice seeking repair after racialized harm
  • Examine the impact of “whiteness”
  • Explore our racial autobiographies
  • Identify the stages of racial identity development for both POC and White people
  • Reflect on our own racial identity development in affinity groups

Day 3-Evolving as an Anti-Racist School Counselor

  • Participants will reflect on and identify their biases as school counselors
  • Participants will identify areas of opportunity within their school community as they expand the Counselor Domains to be Anti-Racist
  • Participants will engage in active data dives related to racial equity and gain new strategies to use these results to drive systemic change
  • Participants will identify barriers they experience in this work as a school counselor and determine what supports are within their spheres or control
  • Participants will create a “Closing the Gap: Action Plan” related to racial equity within their school communities.

ISCA Race and Equity Credential Badge

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