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ISCA: Race and Equity Committee

The ISCA Race and Equity Committee was developed by the 2020 executive board and is comprised of school counseling Race and Equity advocates from across the state of Illinois. The committee is tasked with providing feedback to the executive board to ensure that the organization is implementing anti-racist and equitable practices for both members of the board and members within the organization. 

Race and Equity Committee Chairperson - Stephanie Henderson

Stephanie Henderson: 
School Counselor, Smyth Elementary, Chicago, IL

Alicia Funes: School Counselor, East Leyden High School Franklin Park, IL

Nilufar Rezai: School Counselor,Webster Elementary,Chicago, IL

Allyson Adams
: Maine West High 
School Counselor ISCA Board Members

Dr. Melissa Ockerman: Associate
DePaul University Chicago, IL

Ruth ShannonSchool Counselor,Chicago, IL

Brian Coleman, LCPC:
Dept Chair and School Counselor, Jones College Prep, Chicago, IL

Diana Mondragon: Dundee-Crown High School - School Counselor 

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