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    In November 2020, School Counselor Central, a Facebook community of more than 50,000 which provides school counselors and student support staff with resources and ideas to improve student outcomes, collaborated with Intellispark to conduct a survey exploring how COVID-19 has affected school counseling.

    The results of this report can be downloaded here: http://go.intellispark.com/cov21

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    Check out this blog from Dr. Matt Liberatore-ISCA Past President

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    Watch this video to Learn more about National School Counseling Week activities, IACAC & ISCA Advocacy activities and Disaffiliation

  • Tuesday, December 22, 2020 10:23 AM | Vince Walsh-Rock (Administrator)

    Check out the nomination here: http://app.lifechangeroftheyear.com/nomination_detail.cfm?NominationID=6319

    Dr. Truax is a true leader at the district, state, and national levels. As a former master counselor for Chicago Public Schools (CPS), Dr. Truax helps vet district initiatives, facilitates presentations, and serves as a mentor for school counselors. She has since become the executive director for CPS, leading all work for school counseling in the district. She has led city-wide “RAMP camps” for school counselors who want to learn how to complete the RAMP application. Dr. Truax has earned RAMP three times and most recently earned a RAMP School of Distinction award from the American School Counselor Association.

    At her school, Dr. Truax assisted the school with earning an “exemplary" Safe and Supportive School Badge from the Chicago Public Schools. This means that a comprehensive social-emotional learning plan is in place at her school, including strategic planning, social-emotional core curriculum, a menu of options for small group and individual supports, a behavioral health team, and community partnerships. 

    Dr. Truax advocated for her school, which serves pregnant and parenting teens, to establish a Career and Technical Education course and a Dual Credit Course. She coordinates all school-wide events for parents and students at Simpson Academy and serves as a lead on multiple initiatives throughout the school. 

    At the state and national level, Dr. Truax also uses her collaborative talents. She serves on the board for the Illinois School Counselor Association as the vice-president counselor educator. She regularly earns one of the highest ratings for her presentations at the ISCA state conferences year after year. Dr. Truax has also facilitated presentations for ISCA in the fall on the new 4th edition of the ASCA model. Additionally, she serves as a lead RAMP reviewer for the ASCA and regularly presents on behalf of ASCA at the annual conferences. 

    Dr. Truax also serves as a counselor educator at Roosevelt University. She won the Dr. Toni Tollerud School Counselor Educator of the Year award from ISCA for the amazing work that she has done at Roosevelt University to build and improve their school counseling graduate program.

    Her knowledge and expertise never goes unnoticed in any platform in which she serves. Her passion for her students and the school counseling profession is evident in all that she does, from developing stellar programs in her school and seeing huge improvements, to serving at the state and national level through ISCA and ASCA, to serving as a counselor educator. Dr. Truax is wise and truly cares about the well-being of others.

  • Sunday, December 20, 2020 12:39 PM | Vince Walsh-Rock (Administrator)

    ISCA has been chosen as a grant recipient for the Dr. Toni R. Tollerud  School Counseling Grant in the amount of $1,000. This grant will be used to support ISCA's development of a Race and Equity Credential for school counselors. Counselors will participate in a 3 day training to earn the Credential and to become agents of change in their schools to end systemic racist practices in schools. Click here to see the Race & Equity Steering Committee. 

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    Have a great colleague that others need to know about! Someone that is innovative, caring, a magnet for student and staff relations in your school ?Nominate them for an ISCA Award! Click here  to access the Nomination Form. 
    Check out our PAST ISCA AWARD WINNERS. Need more information? Click here. 

  • Tuesday, December 08, 2020 9:37 PM | Vince Walsh-Rock (Administrator)

    The ISCA Student Scholarship application is now available. 7 $1,000 scholarships will be awarded to students. Click here to access the application.  Deadline for submission is February 12, 2021. Click here to watch a video from ISCA President-Elect Mr. TaRael Kee about the ISCA Scholarship. 

  • Wednesday, November 25, 2020 1:05 PM | Vince Walsh-Rock (Administrator)

    Conference Review - By ISCA President-Elect TaRael Kee

    Hello everyone, I hope you had a wonderful conference and a Happy Thanksgiving.  The ISCA board truly hoped to have an in person conference this year. We really value and enjoy seeing all of our colleagues face to face but the pandemic made that impossible.  However, there were some very incredible moments this year despite all of our conference sessions being held online.  As a state association,  we really grew closer and developed new ways of assessing and meeting the needs of all of our members. Additionally,  ISCA gained so much positive momentum coming off of our conference and the disaffiliation vote (officially happening on February 3rd) and we hope to continue moving forward by serving school counselors to the best of our ability.

    Awards Ceremony

    The ISCA Awards Ceremony was spectacular and held many heartwarming moments.  Brian Coleman gave a phenomenal keynote speech and a very touching tribute to our Executive Director (and his mentor) Dr. Vince Walsh-Rock. Our awards ceremony made it apparent that so many counselors are working so hard and accomplishing so much despite the challenges that a pandemic brings.  Did you know that in 2020, ASCA awarded nine Illinois schools RAMP designation?  Counselors in our state are incredible and build phenomenal relationships with students. Hundreds of students wrote extraordinary essays about their circumstances and the impact their school counselors had on their lives.  We highlighted counselor-student bonds at our conference by recognizing ISCA’s seven regional scholarship winners

    ISCA truly values recognizing the amazing effort of school counselors throughout the state of Illinois.  During the award ceremony attendees heard personal and very touching speeches about past presidents Leslie Goines and Dr. Matt Liberatorre.  The ceremony continued to progress after those heart warming presentations by honoring the 2020 ISCA Award Winners. Ultimately, the night culminated with Dr. Heidi Truax winning the Illinois School Counselor of the Year Award.  Our awards ceremony was amazing and served as a snapshot of all of the success that Illinois school counselors had throughout the 2019-2020 school year.

    Breakout Sessions

    This year, we had 376 school counselors from all over Illinois register for the ISCA Conference!  Our attendees participated in 1525 professional development sessions! Even more meaningful is that our members felt like the training was impactful and our presenters received excellent reviews!  The topics this year ranged from developing mentorship programs to motivating challenging students. Here is a comprehensive list of all of our breakout sessions. If you are interested in watching additional sessions they are still available until December 31st. All you have to do is log into the conference portal to continue learning!  Also, if you missed the conference but are still interested in our professional development videos it is not too late! All you have to do is click HERE to register and enjoy quality professional development!  The ISCA Board hopes to continue to provide our members with relevant training.  Please help us by completing our brief Needs Assessment.

    Forms response chart. Question title: Mark the response you think best applies. Number of responses: .

  • Wednesday, November 25, 2020 12:40 PM | Vince Walsh-Rock (Administrator)

    IGPA COVID-19 Pandemic Task Force

    The COVID-19 pandemic has upended everyday life in Illinois and across the nation. There is great uncertainty about the depth and duration of the disruption that the pandemic has caused. We know that public servants throughout the state are spending every waking moment responding to the immediate, public health crisis. One way the IGPA can help is by providing them with evidence-based, objective information as they face the difficult choices ahead.

    At the request of U of I System President Tim Killeen, IGPA assembled more than four dozen interdisciplinary faculty experts from all three System universities to assess COVID-19’s effects on the state. Each group is collaborating on a series of economic modeling activities, data analyses and syntheses of impact.

    Members of the task force stand ready to help consult with state and local officials and provide any information they can to assist. A link to the task force roster is on the left side of this page. This page is updated frequently as the task force continues its work.

    For more information, contact: IGPA Director Robin Fretwell Wilson at wils@uillinois.edu


    • This Policy Spotlight examines the impact the pandemic has had on teachers and school administrators in our state. 

      An Unfolding Crisis in the Satisfaction and Supply of Teachers in Illinois


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