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Springfield Workshops

April 13, 2018 Springfield
Opening Comments: 8:00  am - 8:40  am

 April 13, 2018 Springfield
Breakout Session 1: 8:50 am. - 9:50 am.
Leading for Equity: Being a Champion for ALL Students
Katherine M. Atkins, PhD, LPC, NCC, ACS, PEL, School Counseling; Toni R. Tollerud, PhD, LCPC, NCC, NCSC, ACS; Nicolette Karl, MA Candidate, BA
Room: Ruby
The responsibility for school counseling programs rests with the local school district. Yet, it is the responsibility of school counselors themselves to take a strong leadership role in working to develop high-quality, comprehensive programs that are connected to school improvement plans. This workshop will facilitate discussion on fundamental leadership skills.

Youth, Technology and Trends
Christine Feller, Cyber Crime Specialist, B.A and M.A.
Room: Sapphire
Create awareness of online behaviors of youth on devices and apps. Through the understanding of student social media usage educators can adapt school and classroom policies to maintain focus on the educational focus of the school day.  Similarly, through surveying student’s usage of social media, schools can create positive social norms for the school environment.

A Real Alternative: CTE Ain’t What it Used to Be
Leah Brock, MA, LPC
Room: Plaza A
The grant formerly known as Curriculum Revitalization is back. We specialize in connecting counselors and teachers with information and tools to enhance their knowledge of CTE fields.

 April 13, 2018 Springfield
Breakout Session 2: 10:00 am - 11:00 am
Recognizing Youth Mental Health and How to Help
Dr. Brandon Myers, BS/Business & Law Enforcement, Master’s/ International Diplomacy, EdD/ Ethical Leadership; Kathleen Myers BS/ Healthcare Leadership, Trainer for Youth Mental Health First Aid
Room: Ruby
Through personal experience with our son’s mental health issues and ultimately his death, we want to educate teachers of the importance of YOUTH MENTAL HEALTH FIRST AID, and how to help our students.

Empowering Young Leaders to Compassionately Reach Students, Families, and the Community
Dr. Heidi Larson, Ph.D.; Hannah Crane, B.A.; Jessica Kim, B.A.; Kirsten Kirkwood, B.A.; Kyle Ritten, B.A.; Jana Roberts, B.A.; Eric Sinclair, Ph.D.
Room: Sapphire
This workshop will present the data-based B.I.O.N.I.C. program and its impact on growing young leaders. We will discuss the influence of a grief team on a school culture and effective ways to approach grief in schools. This team is led by graduate students who assist student leaders in compassionate outreach.

Applying the Illinois Work and Well-Being Model to Career Development of High School Students

Chelsea Greco, M.A. in College Student Personnel (BGSU), PhD candidate in Community Health (UIUC)
Room: Plaza A
Introduce the Illinois work and well-being model and discuss its application to high school students, particularly utilizing the model as a framework that would allow high school counselors to facilitate career development of students as they manage psychological stressors.

Illinois 529 College Saving Plans

Donna Crownover & Alex Meister
Room: Plaza B
Illinois has two 529 college savings plans, as well as a prepaid tuition program. The direct-sold Bright Start College Savings Program and the Bright Directions Advisor-Guided 529 College Savings Program are managed by Union Bank & Trust. In November 2017 the Bright Start Advisor program was folded into Bright Directions. CollegeIllinois!, the state's prepaid tuition program, is available only to Illinois residents.

Awards Luncheon
11:00 am - 11:40 am

Keynote Address
11:45 am - 12:10 pm

Be a Champion for ALL Students
Kirsten Perry ASCA 2018 SCOY
The opening session will speak on characteristics of a champion and how these characteristics relate to school counseling. I will relate the concept of championship to leadership, advocacy, collaboration and systemic change. I will share examples from the field and build awareness of one’s own ability to be a champion for ALL. I will include a discussion of diversity and meeting the unique needs of all students and communities.

 April 13, 2018 Springfield
Breakout Session 3: 12:20 pm - 1:20 pm
The 2018 Developmental Model for Illinois Schools
Sarah Patterson-Mills, Ph.D., LPC (Mo) / Associate Professor/School Counseling Program Chair Lindenwood University

Room: Ruby
The newest edition of the Developmental Model for Illinois Schools (2018) includes cutting-edge content reflective of the evolving profession of school counseling and the changing needs of Illinois students. Walk away with a number of new resources, including a sample curriculum map, lesson plans, standards crosswalk, and so much more!
Illinois Model and Helpful Links

Motivational Interviewing for School Counselors
Steve Murray, M.A., LPC, PEL; Lisa Micele, M.A., PEL
Room: Sapphire
Motivational Interviewing (MI) has been used successfully with adolescents. Motivational Interviewing as defined by Miller and Rollnick (1991) is a directive, client-centered counseling technique for eliciting behavior change by helping clients explore and resolve ambivalence. MI may have viability in motivating adolescents in other realms of their lives such as college choice/or college major choice. Students may present to school counselors with a mixture of positive and negative feelings or thoughts (Saginak, 2003). Students may be excited when beginning to explore their options, but may be overwhelmed and anxious by the task. Anxiety pertaining to decision-making has been associated with career and/or college major indecisiveness (Germeijs, Verschueren, & Soenens, 2006) and decision-making confusion. During this session the five basic principles of MI are examined and suggestions for tailoring these principles to college choice/ or college major choice will be offered.

Accelerating College Readiness for “Disadvantaged” Students

David Waldherr, President Cambridge Grant Award Program. Dr. David Waldherr founded Cambridge Educational Services in 1990 with the mission of helping all students, regardless of ability and income levels perform well on standardized tests and gain admission to colleges and graduate schools of their choice. Angela Burke.
Room: Plaza A
A frustrated teacher from a low performing school said, “My students cannot ‘speed-read’ through the hundreds of books separating them from their more affluent counterparts”. This discussion focuses on a three-year plan that will make ALL YOUR STUDENTS “college ready” by Junior year. With a counselor’s help, this is reasonable, and possible.

The SAT Suite Toolkit – Support for High School and Middle School Counselors
Christopher Heintz, Assistant Director – The College Board; M.A. Secondary Education, Social Studies
Room: Plaza B
More Illinois students are using the SAT Suite of Assessments than ever before the College Board is dedicated to providing counselors with the tools necessary to guide their students through the SAT Suite and on the path to college and career readiness. This interactive session will explore how to support students on this path by exploring new coaching resources in Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy, discussing how to access and utilize data in the Assessment Reporting Portal, and offering answers to common questions from Illinois counselors.
 April 13, 2018 Springfield
Breakout Session 4: 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
The National Guard: The Military's Best Kept Secret
Chad W. McDannald, Master Trainer, IL Army National Guard
Room: Ruby
The National Guard is America's oldest armed force, dating back to 1636 and the only branch that serves both the Federal and State governments.  Today, National Guardsmen live, work and go to school in cities and towns all across America.  Guardsmen serve part-time and receive full-time benefits.  Our Mission: To positively impact the overall strength and readiness of the Illinois Army National Guard Family by providing quality educational services.
The Illinois National Guard Education Offices Offers:
  Federal Tuition Assistance, Illinois National Guard Grant Program, Bonus Program, Student Loan Repayment Program. 

A Champion’s Guide: Effective Interventions for All Students
Heidi Larson, Ph.D.;  Megan Haley, B.A.; Jamie Meagher, B.A.;  Kirsten Kirkwood, B.A.; Jessica Kim, B.A.
Room: Emerald
This workshop will present current assessments of schools and ways school counselors can approach the needs of students through the development of programs and interventions. We will discuss a variety of ways to approach college/career development, academic motivation, school health, social/emotional needs of students, and more.

Legislative Update in Illinois for School Counselors
Toni R. Tollerud, Ph.D., LCPC, NCC, NCSC, ACS; Daniel Stasi, Executive Director of ISCALobbyist
Room: Sapphire
This workshop will cover the most recent legislation and pending legislation that will impact the work school counselors do in their role.  This includes the recent legislation on Career and College Advising for all students, immigration, and FOID.  Updates will also be make on dealing with bullying, student rights, and more. Bring questions. Handouts provided.

Meet the ISBE Principal Consultant for School Counselors
Whitney Mehaffy, HST Principal Consultant, ISBE - College and Career Readiness Division
Room: Diamond
Meet the ISBE Principal Consultant for School Counselors, find out about ISBE resources for school counselors, and learn about the work that has been happening at the state agency to support school counselors throughout Illinois. Feedback? Questions? Use this opportunity to support the growing collaboration between school counselors and ISBE!

Supporting Teachers: Creating Effective Classroom Behavioral Expectations
Jennifer Moore, Ed.D. and NBCT
Room: Plaza A
This workshop focuses on an instructional approach to classroom management that yields positive results, focused learning and safe students and teachers. You’ll find out about research-based practices that will show you how to help teachers eliminate low level misbehaviors from their classrooms.

 April 13, 2018 Springfield
Breakout Session 5: 2:40 pm - 3:40 pm
Securing Funding for Your Practice Through DonorsChoose.org 
Room: Ruby
Have you ever paid out of pocket for supplies for your school practice? Then this is the session for you. Learn how to get the resources your student’s need on DonorsChoose.org!  Participants will learn the skills needed to create and post a successful classroom funding request on DonorsChoose.org.

School Counselor Training: Clinician, Educator, Both, Neither, or Somewhere In-Between?
Jim Klein, Ed.D. & LPC
Room: Emerald
As a counselor educator, I have observed and interacted with numerous school counselor trainees and professional school counselor supervisors. And consistently, the following question arises: Does the predominant training model best prepare one for a career in K-12 school counseling? A pilot study seeks to empirically explore this question.

Autobots Roll Out: How Collaboration Impacts Student Outcomes
Katherine Paulson, Master of Arts in School Counseling, Licensed Professional Counselor, Nationally Certified Counselor; Amy Haptas, School Counselor, Master of Arts in School Counseling; Angela McCollum, School Counselor, Master of Arts in School Counseling; Teresa Polson, School Principal, Masters of Arts in School Administration
Room: Sapphire
Participants will leave with an understanding of a multi-tiered collaborative approach implemented in a middle school and acquires strategies used at each tier. Student outcomes drastically improve with this comprehensive model. Through the vested interest of all stakeholders, this approach brings a unique family centered support system to its community.

Ignite a Healthier Me
Ben Gwynne, Presented at over 30 education conferences in IL/MO, MA Education Leadership, MA Public Administration
Room: Diamond
Learn about online resources that can help build a strong foundation in digital awareness and healthy lifestyles for your students.  Topics will include social-emotional learning, alcohol and prescription drug awareness, cyberbullying, monitoring your digital footprint, technology overuse, and character education.  Resources are available at NO-COST to educators.

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