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April 21, 2017 Rosemont
Opening General Session: 8:15  am - 9:15  am

Dr. Melissa Ockerman and Dr. Erin Mason
Title: Cultivating Connections - The Ultimate Solution for School Counselors
Connections are at the heart of the school counseling profession and the ultimate solution to the impact we seek to make every day. Whether with students, families, staff or colleagues, it is the power of connections that draws us to our work, keeps us motivated and inspires us to create change. In their dynamic, heart-warming presentation, Drs. Mason and Ockerman share compelling stories that will remind you to nurture the connections you have and challenge you to be open to new ones in the future.

April 21, 2017 Rosemont
Breakout Session 1: 9:30 am. - 10:20 am.

Legislative Update in Illinois for School Counselors

Toni R. Tollerud, Ph.D. LCPC. NCC. NCSC. ACS; Daniel Stasi, Executive Director of ISCA
This workshop will cover the most recent legislation and pending legislation that will impact the work school counselors do in their role. This includes the recent legislation on Career and College Advising for all students, Youth Mental Health Protection Act of 2016 and FOID.  Updates will also be made on other important recent legislation dealing with bullying, student rights, confidentiality, and more. Handouts will be provided.

The Power of Group Work--Connecting Faculty, Staff, Students, and Parents

Anna Marie Yates, Ph.D., NCC, LPC; None
School community members share many common interests, issues, questions, and concerns.  A group approach is an efficient and effective way to work with a variety of populations.  This session will focus on applying group theories and techniques to school related situations.

Building Principals’ Support for School Counseling: Do's and Don'ts for District Leaders

Lisa De Gregorio, MA; Director of Operations for Hatching Results, LLC; ISCA Board Member; Whitney Triplett, MA, NCC, LPC; School Counseling Specialist for Chicago Public Schools; ISCA Board Member
Intended for district and regional school counseling leaders, this collaborative, interactive session will explore strategies and activities to build awareness and gain support of school principals and other administrators around the roles, impact, and value of school counselors. Learn from the experiences of Chicago Public Schools, the nation’s 3rd largest school district, and participate in an open-forum to share your own “Do’s and Don’ts” when it comes to gaining administrator buy-in.

Supporting our LGBTQ Students in the School Setting

Allyson Adams, High School Counselor, MA; Cristina Ramirez, High School Psychologist, M.Ed, Ed.S
Will address the unique social-emotional needs of LGBTQ students in the school setting. Will include strategies and activities that can be incorporated in the school day to support students and create a more inclusive environment.  Will discuss the most recent trends and help educators to understand and feel more competent working with LGBTQ students.

Blending Adventure Therapy and Motivational Interviewing to Impact Student Success

Robert Valle, MA School Counseling, Project Manager via the Center for College Access and Success/NEIU;
Workshop will focus on how we, at the Center for College Access and Success of Northeastern Illinois University, blend a combination of Adventure Therapy and Motivational Interviewing to support student success within various Chicago Public Schools. Workshop will involve a brief demonstration of a session involving cooperative activities and MI.

Developing eating disorders treatment teams and protocols for schools: Collaboration is key

Casey N. Tallent, Ph.D.;
Eating Disorders are one of the most challenging and important issues facing school counselors today. This presentation will included strategies to build campus wide initiatives including eating disorders treatment teams with school and community providers, outreach initiatives, and referral guidelines. Participants will learn strategies of collaboration and inviting students to seek care.

"Moving Through It" Program

Laurie Siegel, MA, LCPC, CADC, MISAII, Type 73, Type 75; Michael Guglielmo, Psy.D., NCC, LCPC
“Moving Through it”…., is a unique 8 week program that combines exercise, Cognitive Behavioral techniques, support and meditation.  The goal is to help students who are experiencing anxiety and or depression, in a school setting.

Post-Secondary Readiness: Engaging Stakeholders at Every Grade Level

Katie Stalzer, M. Ed in School Counseling, LPC, CCAC; Kirsten Argyelan (M. Ed, NBCT, CCAC), Rachel Madrid (M. Ed), Cecelia Towns-Scott (MA)
Whether you’re a team of 10 or 1, these conversations and education need to happen at every level. We will take our participants through each grade level and highlight strategies counselor can use to engage parents, students, and school staff in the post secondary process and share sample frameworks to share the work.

Mindfulness in Schools

Donna Kirkpatrick Pinson, Ed.D., LCPC, NCC, NCSC, PEL; Kathleen Selden, Graduate Student
Mindfulness has been shown to have a positive effect on social, emotional, and behavioral well-being of students.  With the support of research, school counselors can use mindfulness techniques to assist students with a variety of issues.  Participants will learn mindfulness techniques to support students in school and life.

The School Counselor's Toolkit for the Redesigned Assessment - The Educators Score Portal

Chris Heintz, Assistant Director, Illinois; Saint Xavier University, MA Secondary Education, Kalamazoo College, BA History
Join us to learn latest information and  best practices to access, understand and use the College Board Educator Score portal and  SAT Suite of Assessments.   Session attendees will explore key features and online reports for the SAT, PSAT8/9, PSAT 10, and PSAT/NMSQT to support student achievement and college readiness.  In this interactive session, participants will review ready to use tools,  turn-key resources to use with students and parents, and counselor professional development opportunities.

April 21, 2017 Rosemont
Breakout Session 2: 10:30 am - 11:20 am

Illinois Licensure steps for the LPC and LCPC

Dan Stasi, MS, Lobbyist;
A brief summary of the steps and process to get licensed in Illinois through IDFPR.  Timelines, application directions, tests, and the required experience and degree and classes and supervision will be reviewed.

Using Motivational Interviewing in College/Career Planning

Steve Murray, Type 73, LPC, MA; Lisa Miceli, Director of College Counseling, Type 73, MA
Motivational Interviewing (MI) has been used successfully with adolescents.  MI is defined as a client centered counseling technique for eliciting change by helping students explore and resolve ambivalence. MI may have viability in motivating students to explore college/or major choices. Students may be excited when beginning to explore their options, but may be overwhelmed and anxious by the task.  Anxiety pertaining to decision-making has been associated with career and or college major indecisiveness.


Ray Piagentini, MA, MS;
Participants will gain knowledge while utilizing the Adlerian questioning technique involving Socratic questioning. Individual and group ideas will be shared while also getting input from session participants.

ARMY ROTC Scholar/Athlete/Leader criteria and the National High School Scholarship

Army ROTC Recruiting Officer
This session will focus on Scholar/Athlete/Leader criteria for Army ROTC. We use this to assess everyone whether it is for our financial incentives, specialty training such as Airborne or Air Assault courses or more importantly when it comes time to find out if the Cadet will be an Officer in the Active Duty, Army National Guard or the Army Reserve and what job they will have. I will also discuss the National High School Scholarship.

Flip Your Lessons

Erin Mason, PhD;
Flipping strikes a balance between using the technology necessary to keep up with modern educational methods for engaging students while incorporating the face to face interaction they still need. Flipping leads to more consistent content delivery and more effective and efficient classroom interactions.

Mentoring Program as a Tier 2 Intervention

Heather DeCook and Maria Mroz, DeCook - Masters in School Counseling, Mroz - Master in Curriculum and Instruction; School Counselor, ISCA Vice President Secondary Schools
EGHS is a PBIS school and has been using mentoring as a Tier 2 Intervention.  Students who are at risk are placed in the program as they enter high school.  You will learn how the program has been implemented and functions.

School Counselors and Autism Spectrum Disorder Students: Bridging the Divide

Dr. Katie Wix, Ph.D., LPC, NCC, ACS, PEL;School Counseling; Nicolette Kimmel, BA, MA Candidate; School Counseling
This workshop aims to increase awareness of the ASD student's needs: academic, career, and personal/social. It will highlight the need among school counselors to pursue professional development opportunities to better assist this population. School counselors will also be provided with multiple strategies to implement in differentiated student planning.

Building capacity around inclusivity for LGBTQA Students

Dustin Seemann, Director of Professional Learning & Student Services
, M. Ed; Katie Moran, M. Ed   - School Counselor

This workshop will assist School Counselors and Administration in building capacity around inclusive language to make your office and school safe for LGBTQA students.

Grief In Schools: Making Connections In The School and Community

Michelle Calhoon Halm, MA, M.Ed.; Jessica Johnston, LPC
Grief can impact everyone in a school, from students and caregivers, to faculty and staff, to administration and even to the community at large.  We will identify what grief is and different types of grief. Additionally, we will identify resources both within the school and in the community.  Activities that can be used in the school and in a community setting will also discussed.

An Exchange of Ideas: Collaboration between Counselor & Intern

Julie French, BS in Elementary Education; Masters in Teaching; Masters in School Counseling; Masters in Educational Leadership; LPC; NBCC; Emily Schiro: BS in Sociology
An essential part of any graduate-level training in school counseling is obtaining and completing an internship. This experience benefits the graduate student, however their presence could also be advantageous for their supervising school counselor. This workshop will provide insight on fostering this collaborative link and ensuring its fruitful endeavors.

11:30 am - 12:30 pm
Awards Luncheon
Rooms: TBA

April 21, 2017 Rosemont
Breakout Session 3: 12:45 pm - 1:35 pm

From Heart-breaking to Heart-Healing: Employing Trauma-Informed Counseling for Students and Families in Crisis
Amy Catania, M.Ed*., Ivy Malisow, M.Ed, & Melissa Ockerman, Ph.D.
In 2016, there were over 4,000 shootings and 700 homicides in Chicago, one of the deadliest and most violent years in the city’s history. Counselors in community agencies and schools must galvanize their efforts in proactive & responsive ways to assist traumatized students and their families. Presenters will discuss trauma, its impact on the brain and development, and offer trauma- informed counseling strategies. Participants will be encouraged to share ideas for building community and healing, leading to a safer and more peaceful future.

Counseling and School Support for  Transgender and Gender Diverse Students

Matt Liberatore
, Assistant Principal for Student Services at John Hersey High School.  MA, MEd, LPC;
How to support transgender and gender diverse students through counseling support and current best practices.

Understanding and Supporting the Needs of Grieving Children

Erica Morand, LPC; Samantha Acosta, MSW -School Program Coordinator, Charlotte Schuber, Graduate Student Intern
This presentation teaches school counselors how to help grieving students in a proactive non-emergency setting.  Topics covered include:  defining, grief; detailing the risks of unsupported grief; discussing the developmental aspects of grief, talking about death with students and detailing what can be done in classrooms to help grieving students.

Utilizing your Performance Evaluation as a Self-Advocacy Tool

Angela Shanahan, School Counseling Specialist, Chicago Public Schools; 2016 ISCA Middle School Counselor of the Year; Manuel French, Director of School Counseling, Chicago Public Schools
Unsure how to talk with your administrator about the importance of the work that you do? Use your performance evaluation as a self-advocacy tool! Discuss specific counseling activities to use during observations and walk away with guiding questions to lead professional conversations with your principal that will promote reflection and growth

Impact Counseling
Carl Olson, MS Guidance & Counseling
Good counseling that produces effective outcomes requires the counselor to have knowledge of the subject matter and the ability to use tools and methods to engage all of the students. To be effective, that material must be presented using methods that acknowledge and respect all learning styles and levels of attention. “Tell me and I will forget, Show me and I may remember, Involve me and I will understand”. In this workshop I will use hands-on experiential techniques and examples to help the participants make better connections, build teams and improve their presentations.

Addressing chronic absenteeism: An evidence-based tiered approach

Patricia A. Graczyk, PhD
, PhD - Clinical and School Psychology, Licensed Clinical and School Psychologist
This workshop will emphasize what school counselors need to know and do regarding recent federal and state initiatives, determining which students are attending school on a regular basis or are chronically absent, and evidence-based practices that align to a multi-tiered approach.

Fair But Firm: Interventions for Disruptive Behaviors at School or Home

James Kling, MA in Education
Practical and applicable interventions for disruptive behaviors at school or home.

Restorative Justice and Peer Reconciliation Committee (Peer Jury)

Ann Alegnani, M.Ed and CADC; Jackie Lipka, MSW
In an effort to address recent changes in discipline related school law, Niles West embarked on a mission to provide more equitable alternatives to the traditional punitive methods of student discipline.  This presentation will highlight one way Niles West has integrated restorative practices through our Peer Reconciliation Committee.

The Culturally Connected Counselor: Best Practices and Considerations for Culturally Aware School Counseling

Tracy Peed, MS, PEL, Doctoral Candidate
“Multiculturalism is best viewed as a process or a journey rather than a fixed endpoint”. The aim of this session is to meet school counselors where they are on their journey and facilitate growth related to cultural awareness and competence. As part of this session counselors will gauge where they are in relation to understanding their own multifaceted cultural identities and the identities of those they serve in schools. Furthermore, this session will foster interactive dialogue for transformed school counselors’ to increase their knowledge, skills, and dispositions related to recognizing oppression in K-12 schools and planning culturally aware interventions, advocacy, and community connections.

April 21, 2017 Rosemont
Breakout Session 4: 1:45 pm - 2:35 pm

College Signing Day: A Day of Celebration and Success

Leslie Goines, M.S. Education, Type 75 Certification; Rebecca West, M.S. Education
College Signing Day is program implemented and developed to assist students, many of which are first-generation college bound students, throughout their college exploration experience. This program guides seniors through each step of the process by defining the objectives along with deadlines to ensure a smooth transition into post-secondary institutions. Students are recognized for meeting each of these deadlines and celebrated for their post-secondary endeavors at a district-wide celebration called “College Signing Day.”

10 Strategies Proven to Inspire & Engage EVERY Student

Christian Moore, MSW, LCSW
Want to engage every student in your office?  This session will demonstrate 10 strategies proven effective at building resilience, strengthening relationships, grabbing attention, and inspiring every student in your office. These strategies have helped over 2 million students gain social and emotional skills in 20,000 K-12 schools and organizations worldwide.

Addressing Grief in Schools

Jayshree Panchal-McKechnie, Jayshree Panchal-McKechnie, MA, LCPC, NCC, Licensed School Counselor; Laura Sollenberger, MA, LCPC, NCC, FT, Stephanie Decker, MA, Licensed School Counselor
Students’ experiences and concerns are addressed daily; however, grief continues to be on the fringe, even though grief is felt by a large portion of our student population.  This workshop would provide information on grief, presentation ideas for classroom, and plans for a school grief group.

Reducing Office Discipline Referrals using Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Kim Lake, MsEd in Counseling, LPC; Jamie Ryan, Ms in School Counseling
An overview of the system Flinn Middle  used, to reduce Office Discipline Referrals in Black Males, as part of our Closing the Gap Strategy.

The Hidden Consquences of Being Over Accomodating

Laura Koehler, Psy.D. / Licensed Clinical Psychologist
I will discuss how avoidance lowers distress tolerance levels, as well as decreases the ability to regulate emotions. I will connect how accommodations can increase the urge to avoid discomfort. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy skills will be explored to increase management of difficult emotions.

Supporting Transgender Students

Amy Klug, M.S.Ed. School Counseling; Tracey Salvatore, LCSW
Participants will explore the current political climate regarding transgender issues. We will discuss the ways that schools are responding to this issue, and how social workers and other staff members can be supportive. Participants will learn important terminology as well as related concepts regarding gender identity and sexuality. They will leave with a set of resources to utilize as they work with their own students and school districts to support transgender students.

Restorative Justice Interventions Targeting Fighting Reduction

Theodore Stripling, MA Counseling, Type 73 School Counselor
The workshop will briefly explore the prevalence of aggressive behaviors (fighting) in low-income areas and interventions to decrease them. A model for restorative interventions will be reviewed, then outcomes of the intervention in a west-side neighborhood elementary school will be explored.

MS-Counseling, Doctoral Candidate, PEL-School Counseling, Administration, LCPC

Vince Walsh-Rock
This workshop will increase the working knowledge of participants regarding 504 plans. Participants will take away in depth information of how to determine eligibility and how to write effective plans.

Take the Stage - Role-Play as a Multi-Tiered Intervention Tool for School Counselors
Brian Coleman, M.Ed - School Counseling, LPC; Sajida Syed, M.Ed - School Counseling
Through dialogue and demonstration, participants will learn how to use role-play techniques to enhance their comprehensive counseling programs. The presenters will provide practical examples used in their work with high school students and parents/guardians during individual and large-group counseling interventions.

April 21, 2017 Rosemont
Breakout Session 5: 2:45 pm - 3:35 pm

College & Career Readiness:It's More than a Score

George Schlott, MS in Counselor Education, Illinois Type 73-School Service Personnel-Guidance, Illinois Type 75-General Administrative; College and Career Readiness: It's More than A Score
This presentation will focus on the multiple dimensions of college & career readiness discussed in the ACT Research Publication: Broadening the Definition of College and Career Readiness: A Holistic Approach. ACT programs and services will be reviewed.

The Chicago College and Career Advising Credential
Whitney Triplett, MA, NCC, LPC; School Counseling Specialist, Chicago Public Schools; ISCA Board Secretary; Barbara Karpouzian, ISCA President, Former Executive Director of the Office of School Counseling and Postsecondary Advising
Geared toward district-level leaders and counselor educators, this session will explore a systemized approach to closing the school counselor knowledge gap around college and career counseling.

Putting it All Together

Tracy Y. Cunningham, Master of Arts in School Counseling;
In this crash course learn the basics of creating and implementing an effective small group! Topics include: writing and presenting proposals to administration; consent forms; creating purposeful topics and activities; establishing rules and norms; implementing various techniques, strategies and skills; and the P.O.W.E.R model (Problem identified, Option explored, Which option is best, Enact solution, and Review-revise behavior).

Prevention of child sexual abuse - role of a school counselor

Sumi Mukherjee, Author and Speaker  (;
This presentation discusses (through a captivating story) the numerous challenges involved in working with the “systems” in preventing a very serious social issue in our country – “child sexual abuse (CSA)” and how School counselors can have a significant role in prevention of CSA thereby promoting well-being of vulnerable students.

The Power of a Partner: Collaboration to Support LGBTQI+ Students

Heidi A. Truax, LPC | Professional School Counselor with Chicago Public Schools | PhD Student at Adler University for Counselor Education & Supervision | MA School Counseling | MA Women's and Gender Studies; AJ Jennings | M.Ed | Curriculum and Professional Development Director at Illinois Safe Schools Alliance
This workshop will map out the collaboration between a CPS school counselor and the Illinois Safe Schools Alliance to support sexual minority and gender expansive youth. Included will be school counselors' role in creating an accepting school culture and climate and tips for developing and implementing inclusive PD for staff.

Using Data to Guide Your Students to Their Own “Best College” Rankings

Lee Harsy, Lee Harsy,  Assistant Professor for School Counseling, Lewis University;
Learn about tools and information that will help students build their own “Top Ten” college list based on data and information gathered from NCES’s College Navigator, and research from the Gallup-Purdue Index Report, The Harvard Family Research Project and The John Gardner Center for Youth at Stanford.

NSYI - HB 5729 Career Curriculum Model

Sherri McLaughlin, NBCC, M.A. Human Development Counseling; Vince Walsh-Rock
The New Skills for Youth Initiative Task Force developed the implementation of the recently signed House Bill 5729 regarding a new career curriculum model for 7th through 12th grade. This session will cover the career model, discussion the implementation of the curriculum, and talk about ways to attain credentials for programs offered within participants school districts.


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