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April 7, 2017 Bloomington
Opening General Session: 8:15  am - 9:15  am

Rooms: TBA
Dr. Melissa Ockerman and Dr. Erin Mason
Title: Cultivating Connections - The Ultimate Solution for School Counselors
Connections are at the heart of the school counseling profession and the ultimate solution to the impact we seek to make every day. Whether with students, families, staff or colleagues, it is the power of connections that draws us to our work, keeps us motivated and inspires us to create change. In their dynamic, heart-warming presentation, Drs. Mason and Ockerman share compelling stories that will remind you to nurture the connections you have and challenge you to be open to new ones in the future.

April 7, 2017 Bloomington
Breakout Session 1: 9:30 am. - 10:20 am.

The School Counselor's Toolkit for the Redesigned Assessment - The Educators Score Portal
Chris Heintz
, Executive Director, Illinois; Saint Xavier University, MA Secondary Education, Kalamazoo College, BA History
Join us to learn latest information and  best practices to access, understand and use the College Board Educator Score portal and  SAT Suite of Assessments.   Session attendees will explore key features and online reports for the SAT, PSAT8/9, PSAT 10, and PSAT/NMSQT to support student achievement and college readiness.  In this interactive session, participants will review ready to use tools,  turn-key resources to use with students and parents,   and counselor professional development opportunities.

From Heart-breaking to Heart-Healing: Employing Trauma-Informed Counseling for Students and Families in Crisis
Amy Catania, M.Ed*., Ivy Malisow, M.Ed, & Melissa Ockerman, Ph.D.
In 2016, there were over 4,000 shootings and 700 homicides in Chicago, one of the deadliest and most violent years in the city’s history. Counselors in community agencies and schools must galvanize their efforts in proactive & responsive ways to assist traumatized students and their families. Presenters will discuss trauma, its impact on the brain and development, and offer trauma- informed counseling strategies. Participants will be encouraged to share ideas for building community and healing, leading to a safer and more peaceful future.

Impact Counseling

Carl Olson, MS Guidance & Counseling;
Impact Counseling Good counseling that produces effective outcomes requires the counselor to have knowledge of the subject matter and the ability to use tools and methods to engage all of the students. To be effective, that material must be presented using methods that acknowledge and respect all learning styles and levels of attention. “Tell me and I will forget, Show me and I may, remember, Involve me and I will understand”. In this workshop I will use hands-on experiential echniques and examples to help the participants make better connections, build teams and improve their presentations.

The Power of Group Work--Connecting Faculty, Staff, Students, and Parents

Anna Marie Yates, Ph.D., NCC, LPC; None
School community members share many common interests, issues, questions, and concerns.  A group approach is an efficient and effective way to work with a variety of populations.  This session will focus on applying group theories and techniques to school related situations.

April 7, 2017 Bloomington
Breakout Session 2: 10:30 am - 11:20 am

Capitalizing on Counselor Connections: Implementation of B.I.O.N.I.C. in Grades 6-8

Kelly Chaney, MA, PEL: School Counseling, Doctoral Candidate; Katherine M. Wix, PhD, LPC, NCC, ACS, PEL: School Counseling
A school counselor facilitated, student-driven intervention, Believe It Or Not I Care (B.I.O.N.I.C.), was adopted to address needs of students and teachers. B.I.O.N.I.C. is a program that fosters social emotional growth and development. This data-driven intervention is connected to two facets of a middle school setting: student attendance and mobility.

The Power of Small Group Leadership Enhancement Teams for High School Students

Dr. Heidi Larson, PhD; Sheldon Aaron, B.A; Victor Epperson, B.A.; Corey Jones, B.A.; Tiffany Kelly, B.A.; Jaclyn Pickowitz, B.A.
This workshop will introduce inventive ways of addressing student leader needs through collaborative outreach. School and clinical counselors, the community and staff help develop communication skills, charisma, levels of engagement and enhance assertiveness skills with high school leaders. We will introduce practical activities that focus on improving the aforementioned student leadership traits and skills.

College Signing Day: A Day of Celebration and Success

Leslie Goines, M.S. Education, Type 75 Certification; Rebecca West, M.S. Education
College Signing Day is program implemented and developed to assist students, many of which are first-generation college bound students, throughout their college exploration experience. This program guides seniors through each step of the process by defining the objectives along with deadlines to ensure a smooth transition into post-secondary institutions. Students are recognized for meeting each of these deadlines and celebrated for their post-secondary endeavors at a district-wide celebration called “College Signing Day.”

Relevant Roadmaps

Erinn Murphy, School Counselor, Counseling Department Chair, M.S. Ed. Psyc;
At this session, participants will discuss the importance of creating and following a Counseling Roadmap, similar to roadmaps used by teachers. The discussion will include how a roadmap helps prioritize goals and assigned task time and will answer the following questions: What is a roadmap? How can I use a roadmap in my work? and What does a Counseling Roadmap look like? Participants will walk away with examples of roadmaps that are in use at Carbondale Community High School this year for 9th - 12th graders, and participants will have the opportunity to share input and ideas for personalizing a roadmap to match his or her school and department goals.

Flip Your Lessons

Erin Mason, PhD;
Flipping strikes a balance between using the technology necessary to keep up with modern educational methods for engaging students while incorporating the face to face interaction they still need. Flipping leads to more consistent content delivery and more effective and efficient classroom interactions.

11:30 am - 12:30 pm
Awards Luncheon

April 7, 2017 Bloomington
Breakout Session 3: 12:45 pm - 1:35 pm

BIG or small: College Signing Day is for ALL

Franciene Sabens, M.S. Ed., LPC, NCC, School Counselor; Erinn Murphy, School Counselor, M.S. Educational Psychology; Krystin Baker, M.S. Ed. School Counselor M.S. Ed. in Educational Psychology with emphasis in School Counseling
Increase your senior’s college/career commitments! College Signing Day Programs celebrate seniors pursuing college, tech school, military commitments or apprenticeship programs and inspire underclassmen to proactively create post-secondary plans. Whether you work alone or with a team, you can implement this program. Tools and details from three schools will be shared.

Building Bridges to a College Education

Angela Reeter, Area 5 Lead Area Liaison McKinney Vento Homeless Education for ROE #3 Masters in Education Administration Bachelors in Elementary Education; Kim Warner Bachelors in Organizational Leadership, McKinney-Vento Regional Liaison for ROE #3
This workshop will provide an overview of how to identify and remove barriers to homeless youth in our school districts. We not only want to keep these students that are in crisis in our schools, but also send them down the college bound path. Information will be shared on what supports school districts can give, fee waivers that are available for college applications, and tips and tools for completing the FAFSA. The presentation will end with a game of "Family Feud" with prizes to be won!

Illinois Licensure steps for the LPC and LCPC

Dan Stasi, MS, Lobbyist;
A brief summary of the steps and process to get licensed in Illinois through IDFPR.  Timelines, application directions, tests, and the required experience and degree and classes and supervision will be reviewed.

Addressing Grief in Schools

Jayshree Panchal-McKechnie, MA, LCPC, NCC, Licensed School Counselor; Laura Sollenberger, MA, LCPC, NCC, FT Stephanie Decker, MA, Licensed School Counselor
Students’ experiences and concerns are addressed daily; however, grief continues to be on the fringe, even though grief is felt by a large portion of our student population.  This workshop would provide information on grief, presentation ideas for classroom, and plans for a school grief group.

10 Strategies Proven to Inspire & Engage EVERY Student

Christian Moore, MSW, LCSW;
Want to engage every student in your office?  This session will demonstrate 10 strategies proven effective at building resilience, strengthening relationships, grabbing attention, and inspiring every student in your office. These strategies have helped over 2 million students gain social and emotional skills in 20,000 K-12 schools and organizations worldwide.

April 7, 2017 Bloomington
Breakout Session 4: 1:45 pm - 2:35 pm

School Counselor Connections: Innovative ways that a school counselor can collaborate and impact the school community at large

Dr. Heidi Larson, Ph.D.; Victor Epperson, B.A.; Corey Jones, B.A.; Tiffany Kelly, B.A.; Jaclyn Pickowitz, B.A., Wildman, Patrick, B.A., Smith, Brandon, B.A., and Plummer, Laura, B.A.
This workshop will introduce inventive ways of addressing student needs through collaborative outreach. School counselors, the community and staff help develop ways to positively impact the overall school community. We will introduce practical ways that focus on improving the students, staff, parents and the school culture.

Using Motivational Interviewing in College/Career Planning

Steve Murray, Type 73, LPC, MA; Lisa Miceli, Director of College Counseling, Type 73, MA
Motivational Interviewing (MI) has been used successfully with adolescents.  MI is defined as a client centered counseling technique for eliciting change by helping students explore and resolve ambivalence. MI may have viability in motivating students to explore college/or major choices. Students may be excited when beginning to explore their options, but may be overwhelmed and anxious by the task.  Anxiety pertaining to decision-making has been associated with career and or college major indecisiveness.

Legislative Update in Illinois for School Counselors

Toni R. Tollerud, Ph.D. LCPC. NCC. NCSC. ACS; Daniel Stasi, Executive Director of ISCA
This workshop will cover the most recent legislation and pending legislation that will impact the work school counselors do in their role.  this includes the recent legislation on Career and College Advising for all students, Youth Mental Health Protection Act of 2016 and FOID.  updates will also be made on other important recent legislation dealing with bullying, student rights, confidentiality, and more. Handouts will be provided.

ARMY ROTC Scholar/Athlete/Leader criteria and the National High School Scholarship

David A. Sanford, GS Army ROTC Recruiting Officer;
This session will focus on Scholar/Athlete/Leader criteria for Army ROTC. We use this to assess everyone whether it is for our financial incentives, specialty training such as Airborne or Air Assault courses or more importantly when it comes time to find out if the Cadet will be an Officer in the Active Duty, Army National Guard or the Army Reserve and what job they will have. I will also discuss the National High School Scholarship.

504 or IEP: Choosing the correct path

Vince Walsh-Rock, MS-counseling, Doctoral Candidate, PEL-School Counseling, Administration, LCPC;
This workshop will examine the 504 law, eligibility criteria, reasonable accommodations, writing effective 504 plans, and case scenarios.

April 7, 2017 Bloomington
Breakout Session 5: 2:45 pm - 3:35 pm

College & Career Readiness:It's More than a Score

George Schlott
, MS in Counselor Education, Illinois Type 73-School Service Personnel-Guidance, Illinois Type 75-General Administrative; College and Career Readiness: It's More than A Score
This presentation will focus on the multiple dimensions of college & career readiness discussed in the ACT Research Publication: Broadening the Definition of College and Career Readiness: A Holistic Approach. ACT programs and services will be reviewed.

Dealing with Student Death

Dr. Cliff D. Karnes, Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership, Eastern Illinois University, Superintendent 2010-2015, High School Principal 2001-2010, Ed.D., Ed.S., MS Educational Leadership; Annette Braden, School Counselor, Norris City - Omaha - Enfield High School, MSEd., NCC
The loss of a student is a tragedy for which educators are not often prepared. This session will provide stakeholders with tools and resources helpful during such an unfortunate event, while supplying a model for improving relations between school counselors and administrators. This relationship is essential to supporting faculty and students during times of grief. Presenters are practitioners who have a combined 40 years experience in education and have dealt with multiple student deaths.

Harness the Power of Google Drive for Better Collaboration

Nathan Underwood, Professional School Counselor, Ed. D., LPC, NCC,;
Learn how to use the power of Google Sheets, Forms, Docs, and mail merge to bring together student data, generate student profiles, and collect teacher feedback.

NSYI - HB 5729 Career Curriculum Model

Sherri McLaughlin, NBCC, M.A. Human Development Counseling; Vince Walsh-Rock, MS-counseling, Doctoral Candidate, PEL-School Counseling, Administration, LCPC
The New Skills for Youth Initiative Task Force developed the implementation of the recently signed House Bill 5729 regarding a new career curriculum model for 7th through 12th grade. This session will cover the career model, discussion the implementation of the curriculum, and talk about ways to attain credentials for programs offered within participants school districts.


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